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Mon May 10 16:35:31 BST 2021

Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I haven't read " A Fire Upon the Deep for so long, but I loved it and the
> sequel.  There was also a prequel to it also. I can't remember the title
> though.

Copying from W'pedia:
Vinge first used the concepts of "Zones of Thought" in a 1988 novella
"The Blabber", which occurs after Fire. Vinge's novel _A Deepness in the
Sky_ (1999) is a prequel to _A Fire Upon the Deep_ set 20,000 years earlier
and featuring Pham Nuwen. Vinge's _The Children of the Sky_, "a near-term
sequel to _A Fire Upon the Deep_", set ten years later, was released in
October 2011.[7]

Vinge's former wife, Joan D. Vinge, has also written stories in the
Zones of Thought universe, based on his notes. These include "The
Outcasts of Heaven Belt", "Legacy", and (as of 2008) a planned novel
featuring Pham Nuwen.


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