[LMB] Happy Birthday, Kenton Schoen!

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Tue May 11 13:03:55 BST 2021

For your special occasion, you're going to Barrayar.  Your ship's angle of approach has been planned, so you can see the sunrise light up the whole planet, over ocean, rock [watch out for the reflection off that Black Escarpment!], and mountain.  Sunrise over the lake at Vorkosigan-Sur-L'eau glints like a promise.  There's nothing like the sunrise rainbow of rampant flags over Vorhartung Castle.

Over a superlative breakfast in a quiet courtyard of the Residence, you and Professora Vorthys discuss your agenda for the day.  She's very excited to be showing you the Imperial Library and hints that a trip to the Archives could also be an option.  The route takes you through several themed and symbolic gardens: medicinal, herbal, culinary, etc., of the non-allergenic varieties.  The Professora and Ekaterin are hoping to eventually collaborate on a book about medicinal plants and their uses during the Time of Isolation.

Even the more private, back hallways of the Residence have fabulous artwork, and the Professora tells you all about anything you'd like to know.  In the library and archives, everything is set up to delight.  Even the gloves are comfortable and convenient.  Herbals, inks, dyes, the significance of book sizes or bindings--the Professora can tell you anything you'd like to know.  The more, um, interesting bits are conveyed with a special twinkle.

After a few hours, Professor Vorthys irrupts into the room and carries everyone off for an invigorating walk and lunch in the Caravanserai at a quiet bistro he knows that serves excellent desserts.  A leisurely tour of the old city fills the afternoon with excellent company and conversation.  Dinner at Vorkosigan House [Ma Kosti herself coming out to graciously accept your effusive compliments] and elaborate fireworks make your day both re- and com-plete.

Have a fun day, Kenton!

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