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One syllable or two?

‘Wingèd Mercury, swift messenger of the Gods’

Or as

‘Red-winged blackbird’, which Garnet Rogers sees as harbinger of spring. At one local concert too many years ago, he asked the audience what meant spring had arrived for them. I piped up, Morris Dancing, at which he groaned.

Background: his brother Stan’s intro to his song “The Idiot”, which is written to a Morris dance rhythm, which he described as a knuckle-driven or -headed beat, to which grown men danced about waving hankies or bashing about with sticks.

I hated to tell him that there is a Morris Dance to that song, possibly ending (too many years) with
“I’m an idiot, I suppose!”. I don’t know if the Seabright Morris side (team, of Santa Cruz county) wrote the dance, or not, but I first saw it performed in the looong driveway of our Santa Cruz house at either 2000 or 2001 MayDay stop. I found it amusing that a side was able to dance in our long, not all that wide, galley kitchen.

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