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>I relay a question from a conversation, in hopes.
>What word  describes the general kind of book or literature
>for which I can only wave my hands and perhaps provide
>a few examples?
>This is a style of physical (dead tree) book that is
>neglected among e-books.  Every page is densely graphical.
>Intentionally set in non-standard lines.  Illustrated,
>sometimes the hand-lettered text constrained in shapes
>related to the concept being conveyed.  Often monochrome
>but if so, usually NOT Black on White.
>Ram Dass's  _Be Here Now_.  John Muir _How to Keep
>Your Volkswagon Alive_.  At the edges of the category
>might be Edward Tufte's _Visual Display of Quantitative
>Information_.  'Zines and anthologies of zines.
>A lot of the small- or self-published books in the
>1970s and 80s were of this ... ilk?
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Another example of a dead tree book that has never been issued as an 
ebook is Robert Caro's _The Power Broker_, the story of Robert Moses. It 
was published in hard cover, soft cover and there is an audio book, but 
no ebook. It was basically text with some pictures, but Knopf, the 
publisher, has never allowed an ebook. Many of Caro's other books of 
about the same size are readily available as ebooks, but not _The Power 


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