[LMB] Happy Birthday, Kenton Schoen!

Jelbelser jelbelser at comcast.net
Wed May 12 02:57:10 BST 2021

> On May 11, 2021, at 10:30 AM, Kenton Schoen <kdschoen1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Of course, being "chased" on a treadmill by a cardiac rehab nurse while
> wearing a heart monitor may not be everyone's definition of fun, but I'll
> take what
> I can get.  Better than an ice filled bath, any day.

Happy Birthday to you, Kenton!

I did the cardiac rehab exercise thing approaching four years ago, after I got a stent. I kidded newcomers to the program that the wonderful exercise physiologist running it would work them to death, but keep them completely safe while doing so. The degree of intense exercise I learned there has made a huge difference in my bloodwork and subsequent health. I had already been on the meds, was careful about what I ate, and worked out with weights, but not until I added the aerobics, did my bloodwork become “normal”, if not even better than average.

It is not fun. It is not pleasant. But I listen to All the Bujold, and sometimes the Rivers of London, and it’s bearable. Just finished my second or third listening to the Sharing Knife books. And I REALLY like being able to walk from one room to the next without getting short of breath.

So stick with it Kenton, and many more happy birthdays!

Janet in TN

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