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>>>> One syllable or two?
>>> My dictionary says the verb is one syllable, the adjective two. The title would seem to be derived from the adjective, so two syllables for me. That was my feeling as well.
>> One day, I was donating, or trying to give, blood at the local Stanford (University Hospital) blood center, and one of the phlebotomists had a winged cap. When he looked in my direction, I said, “Hail, and Wingèd Mercury, swift messenger of the Gods!”
>> He said, “Finally, someone gets it!”.
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> I remember when all registered nurses wore winged caps as a badge of authority. As I remember the final rite of nursing school was being awarded the winged cap. 

Oh, yes, I remember those.

That wing and his wings are different definitions.

On him, gold padded wings stood out from a red cap. Might have been a Quidditch hat, with those wings.

Then there are the “cornet” headdress of the nuns of St Vincent de Paul’s Sisters of Charity—which resemble some Dutch and some Breton women’s traditional headdress, without the lace.

If you pare those down, they are almost proto-nurse caps. In the UK, the traditional nurse’s headgear is rather like the modern headband & shortened veil some orders of nuns still wear.

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