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On* Rumpole of the Bailey,* ISTR the barristers would refer to one another
in court as "my learned friend," no matter what idiots they thought the
other barristers were.

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> On Wed, 12 May 2021 08:48:48 -0400, Fred <fred.fredex at gmail.com> wrote:
> >I'm sorry to have to say that putting an accent on a vowel means nothing
> to
> >me, doesn't help me AT ALL with pronunciation. (from this you'll probably
> >glean, correctly, that I don't know French, or Spanish, or ... and
> >therefore have no idea what accent marks do to the pronunciation.)
> >
> ><tongue in cheek> one could describe the pronunciation as yelling at
> >someone named Ed, "Learn, Ed!!!<tongue in cheek/>
> Learnèd means that you pronounce the syllables separately.  It's gone
> out of use in modern English, but Shakespeare wrote things like:
> "This lanthorn doth the hornèd moon present ...", and the diacritical
> mark tells us it's pronounced as "horn-Ed", both for euphony and for
> scansion.
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