[LMB] Happy Birthday, Robin Anderson!

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Way cool! Did Byerly bring his dancing lady with him?
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Ghost tour in Vorbarr Sultana with Byerly [unexpectedly informative]

For your special day, you're spending the day in Vorbarr Sultana.  Your day begins with an aerial tour of the city, piloted by Armsman Roic, who's been learning some tricks from Miles.  Your tour guide is Byerly Vorrutyer.  It's uncertain which of you is more shocked at him being up at that hour, but he's quite knowledgeable about the architecture and history of the buildings you're flying around [Mad Uncle Dono, doncha know], and so close to.  His comments about proximity to some of the buildings, along with certain swoops and swirls, are a charming mixture of alarm and snark.  Roic twitches the lightflyer a bit, but he's used to it; Miles inures one to much worse.

There's a strolling tour, with stops at select shops, to sample delicious smells, or try intriguing outfits.  Byerly's quite helpful there.  The Vorthyses meet your group for lunch.  If there's an amused crinkle of the eyes at your company, you let it pass; the food is *that* good.

There's a game at the municipal stadium in the afternoon, with enough pageantry and panoply to ignite even the most peaceful heart.  The Imperial regimental band is particularly fine.  The crowds are inspiring, but you're glad for dinner in a much quieter, older part of town.  You enjoy a splendid sunset from the restaurant balcony over quiet conversation and your favorite apéritif.

Darkness slowly settles over the city, and you head out for a ghost tour of the old city.   For a few hours, you and Byerly wander, him regaling you with all sorts of tales of ghosts and the deeds leading to them.  Politics, Barrayaran style, recounted with grim relish.

A resplendent fireworks show from the top of Vorhartung Castle is a fitting finish to your fun day.

I hope your birthday was splendid.


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