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Thu May 13 16:24:15 BST 2021

On 5/13/21 7:15 AM, Harvey Fishman wrote:
> As a practical matter, why should I worry about DRM? I read on 1.5 
> devices (my Kindle and VERY occasionally on the PC). I do not lend or 
> give away books. My Kindle has plenty of storage (32 GB.) so I am not 
> too worried about running out of room, and in any case there is the PC 
> for backup with terabytes  of storage space. I do not see any advantages 
> to me for removing DRM other than as an intellectual exercise that 
> frankly I am just too damned lazy to engage in. Comments, please.

The largest problem that I'm worried about is that if you make Amazon 
upset, they can cancel your account. You will then have instantly lost 
access to (in my case) thousands of books.

Not only that, Amazon likes to link your accounts together. Your AWS 
account, your buying account, and your seller's account are all linked, 
and if anything happens to one of them, Amazon will lock out all of them.

Getting your books back then could involve lawyers and months of time. I 
don't know if the guy suing Apple has managed to make anything happen 
yet. In a case similar to what I just laid out, he lost access to over 
$20,000 worth of iTunes music, books and apps. Instantly, no appeal, and 
Apple will not talk to him. The only method that works to get their 
attention is lawsuits, apparently.

If you remove the DRM and make your own copies, then you can flip the 
bird to Apple, Amazon or Google and go your own way.


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