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On Wed, 12 May 2021 16:11:12 +0000, Gwynne Powell
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>From: Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com>
>This makes me wonder at what level of pack ratisness Emperor's and royal
>families are. I have a coffee table book on the British royal family's
>collection of art, clocks and stuff. Of course there is the famous attic in
>Miles' house.
>Gwynne: I don't think it's packratishness exactly; it just doesn't occur to them
>to throw things away. (Let's face it, they have the space for it.) In the UK, one
>of the most dismissive comments about a social climber is, "He bought his
>furniture." Because you don't, if you're U. You inherit it, from the generations
>before you, and you use it until it's well past usefulness. And you replace it
>piece by piece, not a whole houseful of new furniture like the nouveau riche.
>So they keep what they have, adding interesting new pieces to the collection
>when something takes their fancy. Older pieces are rotated to less-used rooms,
>and eventually the attics.
>Also, there's the feeling that most of it isn't theirs - the opposite of packrats.
>When you inherit your palace, you know you're only one in a long line before
>and after you. It's yours, but it also belongs to the lineage. Packrats are
>terrifyingly territorial about their stuff. And it's THEIRS.

An awful lot of the stuff in Buck House consists of gifts; it would be
undiplomatic to take it to the tip.  I'm sure it's someone's job to keep
track of which Grand Panjandrum or whatever gifted "The Firm" with that
hideous ceramic elephant, so that it can be hoiked out of storage and
displayed conspicuously next time he (or one of his family) makes a
state visit.
Make headphone wires out of shoelaces and shoelaces out of old
headphone wires.  That way your headphones will always untie
themselves and your laces will never come undone.

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