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>>>  On May 13, 2021, at 9:15 AM, Harvey Fishman <fishman at panix.com> wrote:The Kindle app on the Mac is unstable and has to be frequently reloaded.
>>>  As a practical matter, why should I worry about DRM? I read on 1.5 devices (my Kindle and VERY occasionally on the PC). I do not lend or give away books. My Kindle has plenty of storage (32 GB.) so I am not too worried about running out of room, and in any case there is the PC for backup with terabytes  of storage space. I do
not see any advantages to me for removing DRM other than as an intellectual exercise that frankly I am just too damned lazy to engage in. Comments, please.
>>>  Harvey
>>The Kindle app on the Mac is unstable and has to be reloaded frequently, very annoying. And Amazon might discontinue
>>access anytime, like Microsoft did with “Plays for Sure”.
>I do not, and never have, used a Mac. I read 99% of the time on my
>Kindle Oasis and very occasionally on my PC. If Amazon ever stops
>supporting the Oasis, I strongly suspect that that will be extremely
>actionable, so I sincerely doubt that they will do that. I have no need
>for DRM nor any strong reason for spending the effort to remove it.

The "effort" is minimal.
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