[LMB] Happy Birthday, Kevin Kennedy!

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Fri May 14 12:15:48 BST 2021

For your special day, you're going to Vorkosigan-sur-L'eau.  Anticipation makes it easy to stay awake, as you fly in pre-dawn.  Sunrise over the Dendarii Gorge makes the extra effort more than worth it.  When you see the light flowing over the cliffs and canyons, bringing to life all sorts of shapes and colors, you remember Terry Pratchett's descriptions of golden light flowing over the world, and are glad.  [Extra tricks and loops are available upon request; Roic's obliging that way.]

An early morning tour of the kitchen gardens results in fresh fruits and extra treats for breakfast in the gazebo, during which you and Ekaterin discuss your plans for the day.  The whole house is open to you, with many delights on offer.  You can ride up to smell the feral roses, or sail on the lake [swimming therein being purely voluntary].  You can hike through the nearby woods, smelling evergreens and strange, itch-proof trees [thank you, Miles!].  With Ekaterin you can tour the gardens she has designed.  You can browse in the library and admire the art of centuries.  Should an afternoon siesta suggest itself, the comfy couches in the library, or floating on the lake are viable options.  So is a lounge in the gazebo overlooking the lake, bathed by a balmy breeze, the sounds of the young Vorkosigans at play carrying to you like faraway birds.

Company and conversation when you like, rest and repose when you don't.  Convivial dinner in the gazebo admiring the sunset over the lake [and duly savoring Ma Kosti's efforts].  Post-prandial socializing [and comas!] segue into fireworks over the lake, for a spectacular end to your day.


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