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>On Thu, 13 May 2021 17:22:35 +0000, "Harvey Fishman" <fishman at panix.com>
>>I do not, and never have, used a Mac. I read 99% of the time on my
>>Kindle Oasis and very occasionally on my PC. If Amazon ever stops
>>supporting the Oasis, I strongly suspect that that will be extremely
>>actionable, so I sincerely doubt that they will do that. I have no need
>>for DRM nor any strong reason for spending the effort to remove it.
>The "effort" is minimal.
>"So overall I don't think either you or I got it right, which is
>still doing better than average for a Usenet exchange"
>   - J Nebus, rasfw

Not really. First I have to configure calibre to remove DRM, which I 
admit is a one time task.

But then on a continuing basis I must download each book twice; first, 
and automatically, to the Kindle. Then I must selectively download it to 
the computer and then move it into calibre. That's a lot of work when I 
just want to go and read the book.


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