[LMB] AoT cover reveal!

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Sat May 15 04:13:56 BST 2021

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> On May 10, 2021, at 9:02 AM, Janet Gibbons<sesack4th at hotmail.com>  wrote:
>> It breaks my heart that the Vorkosigan Saga is neglected for this.
> I'm all for Lois writing whatever she wants to write, at whatever length she wants.  While I've always been somewhat besotted with Miles, I really lean most towards her fantasy, and especially the World of the Five Gods.  And a full-length novel with Penric and Desdemona is very exciting!
> I'm also not sure where she could go next with the Vorkosigans.  But I've thought that before and been happily surprised.  And I guess, there's plenty of room for more novellas!
> Katherine

Those of us who are Elizabeth Moon fans may recall witing a decade or 
two for Paksennarion to tap E. on the shoulder and say "here's another 

We finally got a whole bunch more, but it was not Paks, it was Kieri, 
and eventually Dorrin Verrakai.

I advise patience.

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