[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon -- typos

Margaret margaret at devere.net
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Finished it yesterday -- liked it very much. Novels are much more 
satisfying than novellas. Why is that? Thank you, Lois.

<redacted -- too close to spoiler. Nope, can't say that either :( >



LMB always asks for people to report typos, so here are the ones I 
found. Page numbers are as shown in Kindle for PC.

p. 10: "ill-at-ease" shouldn't be hyphenated

p. 11: "bur" should be "burr"

pp. 14, 137: "woah" is usually spelled "whoa"

p. 49: "I thought so?"   Should that be a question mark or just a 

p. 63: "apiece" should be two words

p. 151: missing word -- "he knew he was supposed to ..."

p. 166: "there were only twice as many people on the streets than ..."  
should probably be "there were only twice as many people on the streets 
as ..."

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>What does "novel-length story” mean?
>This novel-length story takes place two years after the events of “The Physicians of Vilnoc”.
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