[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon -- typos

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Mon May 17 03:50:51 BST 2021

[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon -- typos
Margaret margaret at devere.net
Sun May 16 22:44:22 BST 2021

Margaret:  LMB always asks for people to report typos, so here are the 
ones I
found. Page numbers are as shown in Kindle for PC.

LMB:  Alas, page numbers in Kindle aren't useful, as they change with 
type size.  And I find location numbers confusing.  A word-string just 
long enough to be unique is however easily searchable, and so preferred.

p. 10: "ill-at-ease" shouldn't be hyphenated

Looks really wrong when it isn't, though.

p. 11: "bur" should be "burr"




Yeah, it looks wrong to me, too.  Howsoever.

pp. 14, 137: "woah" is usually spelled "whoa"


p. 49: "I thought so?"   Should that be a question mark or just a

Intended, to convey inflection and tone.

p. 63: "apiece" should be two words


p. 151: missing word -- "he knew he was supposed to ..."

Can't find this.  What word do you think is missing?

Aha.  The actual line was "he knew was supposed to ..." Found it by 
cutting it down to "he knew" and sorting through the 11 results.   Good 
catch, no one else nailed that one.

p. 166: "there were only twice as many people on the streets than ..."
should probably be "there were only twice as many people on the streets
as ..."

Probably arguable.

I've been collecting all the reported typos in that one 
spoiler-discussion post on my blog, but if you wish to do so here, 
please use Margaret's header, and if the thread drifts, please change 
the subject line.

We corrected thirteen of them earlier this week (and inserted one new 
one, sigh), whereupon I was pleased to discover that the corrections 
update automagically into the texts of already-purchased copies.  So the 
early adopters won't be left with a bunch of errata in their e-texts.

Ta, L.

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