[LMB] [Re] Wide Green World: Horizons

Richard G. Molpus rgmolpus at flash.net
Mon May 17 05:42:12 BST 2021

I've been reading and re-reading the Wide Green World stories, both Canon and fanfic.
A few thoughts:
There seems to be a big gap in the placement of Lakewalker camps close to the tripoint trace. Even thought the southern reaches are (almost) malice free, it's still necessary to patrol to find the few still buried. I expected Dag and party to have found one or two as they traveled north. Relay stations for messengers, or permanent campsites for patrol parties.

The stretch in the mountains that was burned over, and is now empty, would be a perfect place to establish a new Lakewalker camp. Know to be fertile, to support farming, good water at hand, forests nearby for timber.
Being on the trace, there will be constant traffic, so trading with farmers can support the camp. 
Place the camp close to the burned out village (the one with the contaminated well), and it covers a major swath of territory. 
With the development of crossbow bolt sharing knives, the risks in hunting malices has gone down. A Patroller can dispatch them from a safe distance, reducing the chance of injury. The easiest kill is finding a sessile malice still in its ground hole, using a bolt is almost as risk-reduced.
How is this going to affect patroller training? Up north, in the real wilderness, there'll be a race to see which patrol makes the first bolt kill! I expect camp wolverine will send a delegation to Dag to say 'thanks!'
===================Now that Dag has developed a political method for Lakewalkers and Farmers to work together, several businesses are available to Lakewalkers that Farmers can use.
The courier system that Lakewalkers use could be extended to serve Farmer towns and villiages. Establish small camps just outside towns, then have mixed Lakewalker/Farmer bands ride the courier routes. A guaranteed messenger service helps commerce grow - fast.
The river trade could hire Lakewalkers as river guides, who use their groundsense to avoid hazards. The Lakewalkers could carry the message pouches up/down the rivers, as a condition of employment. Woe be it to the boat boss who offends a river-seer, will the crew stay?
Lois: any chance we'll  see a story from the Eastern Seaboard? Close to Chesapeake Bay, or long Island sound?
Pretty please!!!


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