[LMB] Happy Birthday, BJ van Look!

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Wed May 19 13:03:26 BST 2021

For your special day, you're going to Sergyar.  As your ship approaches the planet, you see it cupped in space, glittering like an Emperor's earring.  A circular approach allows you to savor sunrise over most of the planet.  

After expedited landing formalities, you enjoy a quiet but filling breakfast in the Ekaterin-designed garden at the viceregal palace.  It's small and lovely; you enjoy a leisurely stroll, savoring the cool morning air.

Circuitous routes are a theme for you today, as your next adventure continues with a fly-over of mountain chain of volcanoes, including Mount Rosemont.  From the sun glinting off the snowy top, to the subtle reds of the surrounding semi-desert, these are sights you don't see every day.

After all the fiery dryness, though, you're definitely ready for a change.  Lunch at Sgt. Penney's place [Ma Penney's no Ma Kosti, but the food and company are both excellent] and an afternoon on Lake Serena are just the things for you.  Subsequently, you savor sunset over the lake and the semi-silent susurration of the water.

Flying back to the city, you see stars.  A superlative dinner at local restaurant, featuring a discreet band playing everything from jazz to techno to fusion, with unexpected harpsichord now & then, followed by fireworks over Kareenburg [definitely including a no-radial forecast] complete your day.

I hope it's happy and fun.


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