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On Wednesday, May 19, 2021, 11:26:32 AM GMT+9, Elizabeth Holden <alzurite at gmail.com> wrote: 

Failing that, can any of the well-informed people here suggest a book, or a
YouTube channel, or other resources, that give good advice to a fledgeling
gardener? (Bonus pints if it relates to zone 5, Eastern Ontario.) Best I
can say so far is that my intentions are good.


Elizabeth Holden <azurite at azurite.ca>

In the US, the extension offices often have great and specific advice, and you can call them if your question isn't covered. It looks like Canada has something similar. http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/livestock/urbanagbib/growingvegetables.htm 

Universities often have agricultural advice, too. 

One of the best things you can do is write your own book! LOL, it's not that difficult. Get a five year diary, and make notes when you plant, weed and harvest. Note also flowering and anything else. Oh, and frost dates! At the end of five years, you'll have an invaluable guide for your own garden! 

When I was new to gardening, I didn't have the internet. The books you'll want will depend on what you want your garden to accomplish. Aesthetics? Fragrance? Flowers for cutting? Kitchen garden? Browsing at the library will help you define your needs, I think. Check out any gardening magazines they have there, too. I loved Herb Companion, and Organic Gardening, but sadly, both have changed very much (or are even defunct). 

Mel Bartholomew's Square-Foot Gardening method struck me as beautiful and efficient, and a great use of space, and it's guided my current gardening ideas to a great extent -- especially the part that says don't make a garden bed/space so big that you can't reach into the middle (four feet wide, with paths on each side). He's got a website, too, I think, so you can see what he's all about. 

Remember, gardening advice needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Sure, there are "best practices" but there are plenty of "good enough" practices, which vary from microclimate to microclimate. 

Good luck, and have fun! (and wouldn't we all like a nice consultation with Ekaterin!)


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