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>>This isn't exactly a tyoo, but there was a mention of the ports of Grabyat.
>>Looking at the map we have of this world, Grabyat is landlocked. Is the map
>>wrong or am I missing something?
>The Port of Manchester is around 25 miles inland.  Victorians didn't let
>minor inconveniences like that get in their way.
>Beatrice Otter:
>Portland is about 90 miles from the ocean. It is literally named as a port, and it's not even the furthest up the Columbia River that ocean-going cargo ships come. It is far bigger than the ports dotted along the Columbia River between it and the ocean. You can have major port cities a long way inland, if the river is deep and
wide enough. It's cheaper to ship things as far upriver as you can and *then* unload them than it is to unload them at the coast and ship inland by land.

Manchester *wasn't* on a big enough river.

So they made one.

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