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>> ...  Pittsburgh has three rivers (!!!): the Allegheny and
>> the Monongahela meet in Pittsburgh to form the Ohio River,... Tons and
>> tons of coal travel north on barges along
>> the Monongahela River from West Virginia and southwestern Pennsylvania to
>> the steel mills in Pittsburgh ("downriver" in my neck of the woods often
>> means "north", the rivers wind around so much, but it's still  "down"
>> because it's the altitude of the river surfaces and lands around them allow
>> the water in a river to flow from higher altitudes to lower altitudes.
>> Water does not need compasses; it goes by levels.
> Any port in a storm, but make mine a scotch.

There are Islay singlemalts matured in port casks . . .I wasn’t thrilled with Finlaggan, but other Islay malts are just fine with me. Made a Pilgrimage to Laphroaig (as opposed to a Tango to Evora) in 1987, before the WorldCon in Brighton, and I would love to go to a Feis Ile some year and get to taste more of the island’s whiskies in a shorter period of time.

> I looked up the Pittsburgh rivers one time, and it really weirded me out -
> rivers are NOT SUPPOSED to loop uphill like that.
> Took a while to find a good topography map, which clearly showed that the
> river is flowing up north, but not uphill.

Just look at the Nile. Amazing river on a map.The topography of Pittsburgh is such that you really do need a map or a native guide—worse than looking at a street map of of San Francisco which doesn’t show you the HILLS in the gridded streets.

whose husband is a Yinzer—or at least, he can code-switch to it.

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