[LMB] OT: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

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Thu May 20 00:10:06 BST 2021

Harvey Fishman

 >Is it worth the $14.99 that Amazon wants for it?

It all depends on your budget, of course. And
habits.  By my own long habit I'm accustomed to
"paperback" pricing rather than "hardcover"
prices.  So a HC price for an e-book is exceptional.
As I say, my daughter bought this for me.
Regardless of the book, she thinks _ I _ might
be worth it.  I hate to think she's mistaken.

A recent sale on a similar book tempted me into
John Varley's  _Red Thunder_ -- having a similar
vibe to the Weir books.  Strict adherence to the
"one impossible premise" rule, then a somewhat
contemporary bunch of characters working out how to
build amazing possible things and solve
the consequent inevitable problems. I see _RT_
now re-listed at about $9, perhaps more

Congratulations to China, by the way, for the
pictures coming back from their own Mars explorer.
Weir's breakout novel is becoming less fictional
by the year.

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