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I remember driving around San Francisco and I came upon Lombard Street. I
was a bit unnerved as I was pulling up to the curvey part that I couldn't
see the street because it was so steep. Of course I shifted to the lowest
gear and kept my foot on the brakes as I zigzagged down.

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> On Wed, 19 May 2021, A. Marina Fournier via Lois-Bujold wrote:
> > There are Islay singlemalts matured in port casks . . .I wasn’t thrilled
> > with Finlaggan, but other Islay malts are just fine with me. Made a
> > Pilgrimage to Laphroaig (as opposed to a Tango to Evora) in 1987, before
> > the WorldCon in Brighton, and I would love to go to a Feis Ile some year
> > and get to taste more of the island’s whiskies in a shorter period of
> > time.
> I recently finished a mystery by Deborah Crombie in her Duncan Kincaid /
> Gemma James series (Book 9) called _Now May You Weep_ -- much of which is
> set in or near a small Highlands distillery. Not one of her strongest, but
> the whiskey lore was quite interesting (although I don't drink the stuff.)
> > Just look at the Nile. Amazing river on a map.The topography of
> > Pittsburgh is such that you really do need a map or a native guide—worse
> > than looking at a street map of of San Francisco which doesn’t show you
> > the HILLS in the gridded streets.
> When we were in SF a number of years ago, we used the local bike map,
> which does show street steepness, in colours rangng from white to pink to
> red. Very useful for walking, too.
> Alayne
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