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How does one get invited to or hear about Vorkosigan writing battles held on AO³? 

Beatrice Otter:

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "writing battles", but I'm going to guess that you mean ficathons? We haven't had a Bujold-centered ficathon in a while that I can recall, but there have been Vorkosigan fics written for various multi-fandom fanworks exchange. Those are usually announced/coordinated either on Dreamwidth (https://fandomcalendar.dreamwidth.org/ has lots of announcements) or through Discords, or both. The Yuletide discord mainly focuses on the Yuletide ficathon, but it has channels for many other fanwork exchanges as well.

The thing about multifandom exchanges is that you can't just sign up with one fandom. You have to be willing and able to write multiple fandoms, so that you are matchable. You sign up with usually between 3-10 fandoms you would like fic in (with specific requests depending on what the exchange focuses on) and 3-10 fandoms you would be willing to write in. Then you are assigned to write for someone and given their requests, and someone else is assigned to write for you, so everyone who participates both receives and writes a fic. But it could be for any of the fandoms you signed up with, and usually you have to have a minimum of three. Sometimes the minimum is four.

Beatrice Otter

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