[LMB] Battles (but not the military kind)

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Fri May 21 22:35:13 BST 2021

>  ---- On Sun, 16 May 2021 11:52:55 -0700 Janet Gibbons <
sesack4th at hotmail.com> wrote --
> How does one get invited to or hear about Vorkosigan writing battles held
on AO³?

I wasn't aware they had such a thing. What's a writing battle? Sounds like
something I'd be interested in.

I started writing my Vorkosigan fic, such as it is, because of muse prompls
from a long-gone site on Livejournal. Dreamwidth is still a good place to
go to for the fic challenges and massive coordinated efforts like Yuletide,
which Beatrice described well in her post. Everyone writes stories, from
requests, as Christmas Presents. Great fun. Over the last few years I've
answered requests for fic from "The Lion in Winter", "The Runaways", "The
Last of the Mohicans",  and "Rivers of London".

Beatrice said:
> We haven't had a Bujold-centered ficathon in a while that I can recall,

I didn't know they had ever existed. Cool.


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