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Alas, it doesn't matter - horseradish is sterile.  It's a fusion of two
different plants.  Very rarely a genetic error will cause its chromosomes
to separate out properly and it will produce seeds, but the seeds revert
back to the original parent species.

Leek and onion bottoms work well for producing new plants.

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> > Watering seedlings is fine - they'll die without water - but there is an
> > infectious disease called "damping off", associated with very moist soil,
> > that causes seedlings to rot at the soil line.
> >
> I have had lots of luck in planting beet toppings.  Cut off the top when I
> cook the beets, and just put the top in a plate of water for a week or two.
> When it starts to sprout, put it into a flowerpot.
> I don't actually grow beets, but I have lovely red-veined dark green leaves
> on my windowsill.
> Plant an onion top, and eat the scallions. Yum.
> Carrot tops go to seed & grow too frothy for a windowsill.
> Planting a horseradish top in a big bucket of soil has yielded an abundance
> of leaves for several years.  This is the first year that I've got white
> flowers from that planting... maybe 7 years ago?
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