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I've pointed out to friends of mine that no matter what, the United States
was not going to allow ANY foreign power any power over the big three
rivers in the middle of the country---the Mississippi-Missouri-Ohio river
complex.  They were vitally important to transportation, and we'd nearly
gone to war with Spain over their control of New Orleans and what became
the Louisiana Purchase before we got the chance to buy.

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> > Look up "rivers that flow north" on a search engine near you for many
> more
> > examples. Years ago I compiled a webpage on this subject myself
> Cool!  Watersheds are fascinating.   I found this site --
> http://williamahuston.blogspot.com/p/ny-pa-watersheds-map.html -- that
> shows the complicated situation in NY and PA.  I especially like the
> second-to-last map, showing all the different directions the water flows.
> We're on the Oriskany Creek, which flows north into the Mohawk River, which
> flows east to the Hudson, then south to Long Island Sound and the Atlantic
> Ocean.  But just about 8 miles south, creeks drain south into the
> Susquehanna watershed and ultimately into the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland.
> There are even places where the two watersheds seem almost to intertwine.
> And just a few miles west, the Oswego watershed flows north into Lake
> Ontario and then northeast through the St. Lawrence Seaway to the Atlantic.
> Katherine
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