[LMB] Mapping the World of the 5 Gods

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Sun May 23 06:50:34 BST 2021

Spain and Morocco are very close together, separated only by the Gibraltar
Strait.  They're a little bit more than eight miles apart.  The Roknar
Archipelago is smack dab where inland Africa ought to be, if the 5GW map is
considered to be ours with north and south reversed.  And of course Italy's
not there.

Could there be some Africa-equivalent off the map?  Surely.  But it never
comes up.  And the parts of the continent that would be expected to at
least be referenced, or shown on the map, simply aren't there.

See the map at https://chalion.fandom.com/wiki/Chalion_Wiki

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