[LMB] Mapping the World of the 5 Gods

Markus Baur baur at chello.at
Sun May 23 07:51:53 BST 2021

Am 23.05.2021 um 07:50 schrieb Matthew George:
> Spain and Morocco are very close together, separated only by the Gibraltar
> Strait.  They're a little bit more than eight miles apart.  The Roknar
> Archipelago is smack dab where inland Africa ought to be, if the 5GW map is
> considered to be ours with north and south reversed.  And of course Italy's
> not there.

sufficient islands to simulate italian city states are there - and a 
large island to simulate sicily

> Could there be some Africa-equivalent off the map?  Surely.  But it never
> comes up.  And the parts of the continent that would be expected to at
> least be referenced, or shown on the map, simply aren't there.

otoh her ladyship did say the thinks of counties and cities only wehn 
she need them for the story



> See the map at https://chalion.fandom.com/wiki/Chalion_Wiki

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