[LMB] Is Ma Kosti (and groats) essential to Barrayaran culture?

Janet Gibbons sesack4th at hotmail.com
Tue May 25 19:39:13 BST 2021

Yes. Food is all. If our identity lies anywhere, it is in what we love to eat.

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Interesting story today in my local paper about shawarma poutine and
Canadian culture -- which could be extrapolated elsewhere.


'We eat our identity. Everything else is secondary': The social history of shawarma poutine
French fries, gravy, chicken bits and a white sauce drizzled over top. It's not
shawarma and it's not poutine, but together the fries and chicken tell a new story
Joseph Brean
May 25, 2021  •  37 minutes ago  •  5 minute read  •

I thought this extract was particularly interesting:

Together the fries and chicken also told a new story, reflected a people’s
changing food culture, and demonstrated a truth about nationalism that
Nelson has learned after surveying religion, language, history, costume,
music, and all the other aspects of human life that make people see
themselves as the same, and others as different.

“All these things you can find in texts about nationalism all over the world,”
he said in an interview. Then suddenly food history takes off 20 years ago, “and
it’s like holy s–t have we been wrong about what’s important to people’s

What really cuts deep is whatever grandmothers made on quiet afternoons in the
old country. “We eat our identity,” Nelson said. “Everything else is secondary.”

Alayne McGregor
alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca

What we need is a tough new kind of feminism with no illusions. ... We
need a kind of feminism that aims not just to assimilate into the
institutions that men have created over the centuries, but to infiltrate
and subvert them. -- Barbara Ehrenreich
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