[LMB] Is Ma Kosti (and groats) essential to Barrayaran culture?

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri May 28 05:39:08 BST 2021

"Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff" recently had a segment discussing the
origins of Pad Thai (sp?).  It was deliberately popularized by the
leadership of Thailand as a national food, to help establish a national
identity and thereby deter colonizing powers.  It seems one of the reasons
why Thailand has had relatively little conflict with China (compared to
other regional powers) is that its beloved national dish is made with
Chinese noodles.

Food is powerful, particularly the sense of taste, which is only partially
due to what compounds are delivered to our taste buds and olfactory
nerves.  Learned responses are also important - and in some cases, it's
demonstrated that such learning extends to the foods our mothers ate while

That raises questions about uterine replicators Our Host couldn't have
anticipated when she invented them.

Matt "the future has a silver lining" G.

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