[LMB] OT: can't skip to the end of an ebook?

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> >But, since Amazon doesn't permit its customers to own their
> >titles, and the owner can do what they like, I am not surprised.
> What publisher does allow you to "own" a book? That is what copyright is
> all about. You may own the paper and the binding, but not the book.
> Harvey

You own the paper. Exactly.  It's in your home, you can write on it, or
tear out a page you don't like, or loan it to your friend - make that a
former friend, if they don't give it back.

But apparently Amazon still owns the words on 'paper', and can make
changes.  Sometimes that's good - as Lois noted, various typos were
corrected even on  bought-and-paid-for copies.  But sometimes people just
want to own their own stuff, not have a copy which is hosted on someone
else's server.

See also, shareware (is this the right term?)  where Microsoft let's you,
at home, pay to use Word & XL based of their own servers, instead of
downloading the programs to use at home.  This idea fills me with horror,
even though it's a perfectly valid method for some people.

My stuff is mine, I don't want it hosted on someone else's server.

Gmail does this too, but I delete most of the mail so I don't care as much.


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