[LMB] Happy Birthday, Markus Baur!

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Sat May 29 04:20:32 BST 2021

For your special day, you're spending the day in Clearcreek with Dag & Fawn. It's a lovely spring morning, the air so humid and rich with life, every breath is a meal. Before breakfast, you join Fawn in her garden, to collect some vegetables for the evening meal. Your bare feet cooled by the dewy grass, you enjoy peas fresh from pod. She teaches you how to pick beans and other vegetables. Some you eat raw, savoring the snap and flavors.

As the vegetables soak and simmer, you all enjoy a delicious breakfast: eggs, bacon, hotcakes flavored with the local honey. Dag jokes that bees have other uses, besides teaching lessons to the deserving.

After breakfast, you ride with Dag [on one of Fawn's horses, *not* Copperhead] as he makes his rounds. The world is alive with color. Trees are in a frenzy of blooming. You see redbuds and redcrests, a small pond with waterlilies guarded by a large blue heron, and a flight of the redwing blackbirds for whom Dag's family was named, with flashing red & yellow on wings, in undulating, dazzling patterns. You see and hear some rattlesnakes, but they're a safe distance away [no balls of them this time]. [You're very relieved to not see any slimy logs with teeth; they are safely far to the south.]

The folks y'all visit are very excited about the feast that evening, boasting of what they're bringing, vegetables, meats, soups, casseroles, desserts, fruit preserves, all sorts of good things to eat [and, it is strongly hinted, drink].

While you duly admire Fawn's amazing stove and help prepare the feast, she teaches you how to shape marvellous things from flour. As things simmer and cook, you, Fawn, & Dag enjoy fruit drinks in the shade, cooled by a lovely cross-breeze. Nettie-Mari is running around with her friends, close enough to reassure her parents, but far enough away to enable languorous conversation. They'll answer most any questions you have about their adventures.

That night, it's time for the farmer version of a bow-down. Stirred by Berry's fiddle, you join in some of the dances. You wind up sitting out some, having enjoyed some *very* strange brews.

May your day be all kinds of fun.


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