[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon---my thoughts (SPOILERS)

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Sat May 29 09:28:18 BST 2021

I've finished it some time ago, but I've had other claims on my time, but
now I'm free to comment.

This was a really good story, and really developed the World of the Five
Gods.  I will admit, the technique used by the assassins was one I'd not
have thought of myself.

That said, I would have used a different person as the assassin.  The big
problem with coercing someone into that sort of role is that the other side
can, if they capture her and figure out what's going on, flip her very
easily.  Just convince her that you can protect her from her former
employers, and she's yours.  (And it probably says a lot about me that I
start this out by critiquing the other side's tradecraft).   I could say
the same thing about *Red Sparrow*---while the "sparrow school" was real
(at least as far as I can find out; the Soviet and Russian intel services
are quite opaque, but I've seen references to it from as far back as the
1950s) that sort of thing works better with volunteers, preferably
volunteers who're really fired up about what they're doing and why.

The Empire itself gives me the impression of what Alexander the Great's
empire might have been like had it held together after Alexander's death.

And I loved how that saint of the Bastard just* owned* the other side.

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