[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon---my thoughts (SPOILERS)

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Sat May 29 09:39:29 BST 2021

On 29.05.2021 10:28, Eric Oppen wrote:
> I've finished it some time ago, but I've had other claims on my time, but
> now I'm free to comment.
> This was a really good story, and really developed the World of the Five
> Gods.  I will admit, the technique used by the assassins was one I'd not
> have thought of myself.
> That said, I would have used a different person as the assassin.  The big
> problem with coercing someone into that sort of role is that the other side
> can, if they capture her and figure out what's going on, flip her very
> easily.  Just convince her that you can protect her from her former
> employers, and she's yours.  (And it probably says a lot about me that I
> start this out by critiquing the other side's tradecraft).   I could say
> the same thing about *Red Sparrow*---while the "sparrow school" was real
> (at least as far as I can find out; the Soviet and Russian intel services
> are quite opaque, but I've seen references to it from as far back as the
> 1950s) that sort of thing works better with volunteers, preferably
> volunteers who're really fired up about what they're doing and why.

yes - a "true believer" usually works better for this kind of thing .. 
(but even true believers could be flipped)

otoh this was a very small scale operation (in order to keep it secret) 
.. so they simply might not had the opportunity to look for a true 
believer (and a true believer in WHAT - both nationalism and ideology 
driven true believers would be anachronistic in this setting)

> The Empire itself gives me the impression of what Alexander the Great's
> empire might have been like had it held together after Alexander's death.

or a well developed byzantine enmpire ..



> And I loved how that saint of the Bastard just* owned* the other side.

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