[LMB] The Assassins of Thasalon---my thoughts (SPOILERS)

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> On 29.05.2021 10:28, Eric Oppen wrote:
> > That said, I would have used a different person as the assassin.  The big
> > problem with coercing someone into that sort of role is that the other
> side
> > can, if they capture her and figure out what's going on, flip her very
> > easily.  Just convince her that you can protect her from her former
> > employers, and she's yours.

Yes ... in a setting like this, what you'd want would be a fierce personal
loyalty, and from what we see of Methani, he really doesn't seem the type
to inspire it. I can't help wondering if, political considerations aside,
he might be *jealous* of someone like Adelis Arisaydia, who definitely can
inspire loyalty.

Gwynne: I think they had to be very careful who they chose as their assassin,
and they picked correctly. Putting a demon in someone makes a sorcerer; plenty
of people, no matter how loyal, would find a whole new range of possibilities if
they had that power. A woman from the lower levels of society, who was used
to being subservient, was a safer choice - and then they had her son as leverage.
And if she tried to go to anyone for help - who? She didn't know anyone with
enough power to be useful, and who'd listen to a maidservant who was caught
stealing? She had no escape. And she'd never abandon her son.

As for the possibility of turning if captured; the most likely person to capture her
would be another sorcerer - who would have a lot of advantages when questioning
her. That's why they sent the bodyguard with her. He'd kill her if capture was close.
Of course, things didn't work out as planned - but if you're working with demons
 that's practically a given.

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