[LMB] OT: software-as-a-service, was can't skip to the end of an ebook?

B. Ross Ashley brashley46 at gmail.com
Sun May 30 06:40:57 BST 2021

On Fri, 28 May 2021 12:56:50 -0400, Sylvia McIvers 
<sylviamcivers at gmail.com> wrote, inter alia:

> See also, shareware (is this the right term?)  where Microsoft let's you,
> at home, pay to use Word & XL based of their own servers, instead of
> downloading the programs to use at home.  This idea fills me with horror,
> even though it's a perfectly valid method for some people.
The right expression here is software-as-a-service. We hates it.

I have been the Chief Financial Officer of my political party's 
electoral district association for about a decade. The auditors for our 
annual political finance report to Elections Ontario require us to use 
Mictrosoft products to fill in the forms, in Excel. Ten years ago I 
bought a copy of Office which served my needs for seven years unti the 
Widows 7 laptop I used it on died, and I had to get a new one, which 
runs Windows 10. Microsoft Office is no longer available as a download 
one can pay for; it s now Microsoft 365 and I have to pay for it every 
darned month. And Libreoffice Calc, the totally free alternative office 
suite, will not work correctly with the Excel forms the want me to use.

Which is why I am going to quit the volunteer post at the end of my 
current term.

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