[LMB] Happy Birthday, Sue Pittak!

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Sun May 30 11:28:31 BST 2021

For your special day, you're spending it  with Aral at Vorkosigan Surleau.

Your day starts with an early dive from the dock and a brisk swim to wake up.  Maybe a brief race, or just paddling around to enjoy the sunrise over the lake and other scenery.  After a brisk toweling off, quick change, and light breakfast, you're ready for your sail on the lake.  Your nautical vocabulary constantly expanding [the man is an *excellent* teacher], you learn to move with the boat.  

Mostly.  A sudden wave mid-turn sends up an unexpected splash Aral doesn't have time or will to dodge.  He throws his head back, guffawing heartily, his eyes closing in laughter.  The sun lights up his hair, and you can almost hear the *ting* as it glints off his teeth.  As you sail around the lake, he's confident and relaxed.  Watching the vigor of his movements and the flow of muscle, you can easily believe his judo championship.

After a turn or few around the lake, you tack into the lee of an island, drop anchor, and fish.  There will certainly be lunch, from a hamper packed with mysterious delights.  There may well be beer, should you incline that way.  There will be no need of explosive power packs, although a certain mischievous look suggests the option isn't exactly closed.  You are given a privilege granted to very few: to see Aral at [relative] rest.

When the time is right, you return to the dock and secure the boat.  Then you enjoy a pleasant stroll in cool, shaded woods.  Not even the shade can dim the garish colors of the floral design on his shirt, which has obviously seen many adventures.  Your walk takes you to an overlook, whence you're able to view some of the new plantings.  He talks about some of his hopes and plans for the district and the empire.

Over dinner in gazebo [all your favorite dishes], you savor the sunset over the lake.  Considering your exploits of the day and that delinquent wave, he chuckles reminiscently, twinkling merrily.  One by dozens the stars come out.  It's a companionable time.  

The fireworks over the lake are, inevitably, superb.  He thanks you for a relaxing, fun day.

I hope your day is filled with even more good things.


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